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May 24, 2012 / steelparade

a day in San Fran

today was a day with out Sandy Bus.  we left her sitting in the car port.  i believe she earned a day of rest, especially after the long drive up I-5, head wind and all.


Nat, Sol, n Me.

we took the ferry from Larkspur to the city.


Sol loves Mama!


San Quetin.  my future home?


San Fran looks great from the ferry, and even better on foot.


Papa, Mama, and Sol.

we met Papa for lunch while we were in the city.


Ramen Underground for lunch.


Me n Sol at the park.

a very good day!  and even though there are no photos of Sandy Bus in this post, i still think it’s fitting.  Sandy Bus made it possible for me to be here today.  Sandy and i will be driving out tomorrow.  it’s only a short visit with Sol, but a very appreciated one for me.  i love this little boy, and i don’t get to visit with him enough.

thank you Sandy Bus, for providing this time with the one’s i love.


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