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August 3, 2011 / steelparade

a day at the beach

last night my long time friend Nathan called me…..actually, his 14 year old son Kyle called me and told me he was going to Sano the next day with friends and family. i decided to join them.

a bus towing a bus.

this photo was taken while i was driving South on the 5 freeway. i don’t think i’ve ever seen this before…..a bus, towing a bus!

the gang!

here’s the gang from today……that’s Kyle with the guitar, Evan the drummer, little Samantha, and Hunter the singer. we all hung out around Sandy Bus all day.

little Samantha

this is little Samantha. Samantha is already 4 years old, and today was the first day that i’ve ever really hung out with her more than 5 minutes. she helped me throw beached sea slugs back into the ocean.


Alone. Tranquility.

Nathan and his gang all departed just before sundown. i took the time to enjoy the tranquility of the remaining daylight.

it was a good day…


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