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July 30, 2011 / steelparade

a day with out Sandy Bus

so it turns out my ol’ generator died. Jeremy at Old Speed is replacing it with an alternator. it’s time.

Sandy Bus is my daily driver.
when i decided to acquire Sandy, it was with the understanding that i would actually drive her on a daily basis. this gets tricky sometimes. it takes some patience, persistence, and a little more time to keep a 40 year old classic running on a daily basis. for the most part, it’s been easy. i couldn’t do it with out the team at Old Speed.

so, i thought i would post a recent photo of Steel Parade chillaxin with Sandy Bus at one of our recent performances.

this photo was taken about 45 minutes before our downbeat. it’s at the Laguna Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, CA. we perform there quite a bit, and Sandy Bus allows us to hang out comfortably during our breaks. we surfed Sano before the gig, hence the surfboards on the rack.

i’ve arranged to pick up Sandy Bus tomorrow.
i feel naked with out her.


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