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July 31, 2016 / steelparade


July 31, 2016 / steelparade

Playing in front of Sandy 

October 9, 2014 / steelparade

The Office


April 10, 2014 / steelparade



May 26, 2012 / steelparade



Sandy in the driveway.

well, we made it home, safe and sound.

it was a windy trip for sure, as the West Coast has been unusually windy for the past week.  if and when i drive up with Sandy Bus next time, i will be sure to check the weather forecast for wind.   i don’t think the wind will deter me, but it will give me a heads-up to the sort of drive i will experience. either way, it was fun!

Long Beach to San Fran via the I-5, then to San Jose to Long Beach via the 101.


on to the next road trip…

May 25, 2012 / steelparade

driving home from San Fran to da LBC.


Sol n Me

i feel a bit sad when i see this photo.  it was taken just before i left.  Sol and i had such a great time.  i love being his Godfather, as i have been friends with his parents for years.  i feel honored to be this person in his life.  the issue is that i don’t get to see him often.  if i had my way,  i would spend a little of each day with Sol.  for now, visits every few months will have to do…….but i’m still workin on it. i’m still looking for time and opportunities to visit more often.  it’s difficult for sure.  money, time, schedules, all make it a bit tricky to visit regularly.  but i keep on trying.  i feel that time is slipping away, and before i know it, Sol will be a young man.  i want to make the most of it.  i want to be there for him.

this trip with Sandy Bus has been sort of a test run to see how well i could create a quick visit.  now that i’ve done it once, i trust it will be easier the next time around, and the next.  this is my challenge. this is my art. my life…


driving on the Golden Gate Bridge

this is something i’ve wanted to do for awhile, just to say that i’ve done it.

feels like a right of passage.  Sandy Bus, Me, and the Golden Gate.


Sandy in front of Trevor’s house.  we stopped at Trev’s house in San Jose to drop off some drums.

Trev is a percussion major at SJSU, and i delivered some drums he wanted for an upcoming recital.


on the way up the I-5, Sandy somehow lost her gas cap.  im not sure if i left it at a gas station, or if someone took it.  either way, i had to get a new one for the long drive home.

i’ve heard this thought many times: “you are lucky to live in SoCal because you have so many VW restoration shops”

ive been told this at vw shows, on line, etc.  it wasnt until this recent gas cap episode did i really get it.  when i searched on line for a replacement gas cap in San Fran, i found less than 6 shops that specialize in VW air-cooled parts.  most of these shops were more than an hour away from each other, scattered around the outskirts of the San Fran area.  when i called these shops, only one had the gas cap in stock:  Peninsula Automotive in Campbell, which is close to San Jose.

the people at Peninsula we’re friendly and knowledgeable.  while i was there, i met the Dave, Sharon, Blue, Blue’s girlfriend, and Peanut(the shop doggy).  Dave was waiting for me with more than one style gas cap, and had already checked each cap to make sure they worked properly.  i introduced myself, and let him know i was from SoCal and my connection with Russell at Old Speed.

i’ve lost my gas cap before.  i left it at a gas station.  when i searched for another one, it was easy. Old Speed, Bill and Steve’s, West Coast Metric, SoCal Imports, VW Goldmine, are all close to my home town of Long Beach.  there are many more i didn’t mention.   i slowly realized how fortunate i am to live in Hell……….at least i can get vintage parts easily.

that being said, i really do like NorCal and Central Cal.  good people, mellow vibe…….and the staff at Peninsula Automotive are no exception.  glad to know there’s a place up North where i can get the goods for Sandy.


the “new” cap.  cool box.

thanks to the team at Peninsula Automotive!


even though i was blown around the road by the 20 to 40mph gusts, i still was able to enjoy the view. so beautiful!


stopped in Gilroy for lunch.  as strange as it sounds, i did NOT have garlic for lunch.


the rest stop at Camp Roberts.

there are only two California Rest Stops on the 101 in between LA, Camp Roberts and Gaviota.


back on the road, and driving into beautiful skies!


last photo of the day, driving down the 101 South, sunset behind me, somewhere around San Luis Obispo.

it was a good day…

May 24, 2012 / steelparade

a day in San Fran

today was a day with out Sandy Bus.  we left her sitting in the car port.  i believe she earned a day of rest, especially after the long drive up I-5, head wind and all.


Nat, Sol, n Me.

we took the ferry from Larkspur to the city.


Sol loves Mama!


San Quetin.  my future home?


San Fran looks great from the ferry, and even better on foot.


Papa, Mama, and Sol.

we met Papa for lunch while we were in the city.


Ramen Underground for lunch.


Me n Sol at the park.

a very good day!  and even though there are no photos of Sandy Bus in this post, i still think it’s fitting.  Sandy Bus made it possible for me to be here today.  Sandy and i will be driving out tomorrow.  it’s only a short visit with Sol, but a very appreciated one for me.  i love this little boy, and i don’t get to visit with him enough.

thank you Sandy Bus, for providing this time with the one’s i love.

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